The Courses

Choose Your Course of Action and Enable ROI

Whether you are an executive at a Fortune 500 company or a department manager or small business owner, KNOW YOUR HISPANICS will give you the cultural insights to give you a leg up on the competition. This training will provide you with the tools to learn how to connect and build strong employee, business and brand relationships with Hispanics by first learning - who they are as people. This will help you understand the Hispanic mindset and behavioral cues to be a more effective employer, co-worker, leader, or marketer.

Choose from two tracks or enroll in both:

Program Track 1: Know and Lead Your Hispanic Employees

Earning Respect and Trust: Your Hispanic employees are sending you a powerful message: "respect our voice to earn our trust and vote of confidence." Learn to raise your awareness and cultural intelligence to lead Hispanic employees more effectively.

Leveraging Their Hispanic Heritage: Are you using your Hispanic employees to best advantage and full potential? Discover the six natural characteristics that allow Hispanic employees to be highly productive and apply them to the tasks at hand.

Encouraging Hispanics to Speak Up: Learn how to create a work environment that empowers people to speak up and not be afraid to express their opinions. Encouraging their authentic voice to shine through will reflect favorably on you as a leader.

What Diversity Can Do for Business: Learn how and why to embrace diversity in the workplace and make it a strategic initiative; it's the new approach all companies must take to survive and keep growing.

Program Track 2: Know and Sell to Your Hispanic Consumers

Earning Consumer Trust: This course will give you the keys to unlocking a super-consumer opportunity so that you can more confidently reach out to Hispanics, avoid stereotypes, and build trust for your brand.

Winning Consumer Loyalty: Learn to see through the Hispanic lens and to create cultural relationships with the community that matter most and will cultivate long-term loyalty.

Building Consumer Influence
Learn how to align your brand with the authentic Hispanic voice, and to build consumer influence through word-of-mouth, online interactions and targeted media campaigns.

Bundled Package: Purchase Tracks 1 and 2 &
Receive Bonus Materials:

  • Hispanic Boot camp Videos (2 Plus Hours of Content - (A $20 value)
  • Whitepaper: Unlocking the Hispanic Super-Consumer Opportunity (A $19.99 value)
  • eBook: The Six Reasons Why Hispanic Leadership Will Save
    America's Corporations (A $9.99 value)