"Knowing and building sustainable relationships with Hispanics requires continuous learning and understanding.
CHL provides access to critical resources that will help you
continue to enhance your foundational knowledge."

  • "Earning Serendipity" by Glenn Llopis

    For some people, success seems fated or shrouded in mystery. But in Earning Serendipity, Glenn Llopis will show you that most positive changes in fortune-in careers or in corporate ventures-are no mystery at all. Mr. Llopis introduces the 4 Opportunity Mastery Skills that are required to cultivate innovation and initiative in your work.

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  • "Unlocking the Hispanic Super-Consumer Opportunity" by Glenn Llopis

    The Hispanic community is one of the greatest untapped markets we have ever seen. Already the largest minority in the United States. Their numbers continue to grow faster than any other group. The total number of Hispanics in the United States today is 50.5 million people strong - and climbing.

    The emergence of Hispanics as a consumer force is growing rapidly, with a purchasing power expected to reach $1.2 trillion dollars in 2012. Dubbed "super consumers." Latinos in the United States are blowing past the mainstream and other minority groups in this regard. In fact, the United States is seeing an increase in buying power not happening in other countries, and that is because of Hispanic growth here.

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  • "The Six Reasons Why Hispanic Leadership will Save America's Corporations" by Glenn Llopis

    In this eBook, author Glenn Llopis, reveals why Hispanic professionals have the unique opportunity to assume leadership roles in today's new economy that is being shaped by a fiercely competitive global market. You will learn why Hispanic leadership will redefine corporate leadership, and why Hispanic leadership will propel workplace innovation to better serve the increasingly diverse marketplace. In sum, effective Hispanic leadership is both a business and societal imperative for America to grow and prosper.

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  • NEW

    "Awakening the Latino Factor" by Glenn Llopis

    In his highly anticipated ebook, author Glenn Llopis, will discuss the next step in uncovering the Latino power which will transform America. Says Nick Valencia, CNN Weekend Correspondent & National Desk Editor, "Glenn Llopis cares deeply about the Latino community. His work has been a cornerstone to the success and advancement of Hispanics in America - including myself."

    Ebook will be published in September 16.

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