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Getting to Know Your Hispanic Employees and Consumers Will Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

It's time for America's corporations to unlock opportunities for their businesses by giving Hispanic leaders and consumers a voice. At CHL, our approach to talent and business development is based on the idea that these two disciplines - building leaders and building brands - are interconnected and dependent on each other.

When there is a lack of Hispanic leadership at the executive level, it translates down the line into the inability to create effective relationships and communication between the organization's products/services and the fast-growing Hispanic consumer. In other words, without a conduit to channel the authentic Hispanic voice and cultural values, your brand will be lost in translation.

CHL sees this dilemma as two sides of the same coin: developing Hispanic leaders and thought leaders on the inside out and products, services, and brands for Hispanic consumers from the outside in. Not only does this build brand loyalty with consumers, it forges a bond with the community that impacts recruitment efforts, employee retention, and executive leadership. Once established, corporations will have a cyclical connection from their business to the community and back again that continues to cement as their authentic voice and cultural values become more and more interwoven with their brands.

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As a complement to this training, CHL offers additional a business development and strategy consultancy services through its CHL Marketing Lab division which is focused specifically on the Hispanic market.

For those companies that are serious about earning loyalty, trust, and empowering their targeted Hispanic audiences to help grow their businesses, CHL also offers Marketing Lab will help them create value, invest wisely, and engage authentically with the Hispanic market. The Hispanic opportunity is here, and CHL Marketing Lab will help organizations build a road map towards profitability - in world where culture is the new currency for growth.

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